Counting community: How Private School Students shaped Into Citizens

Some of us could look back on all this stuff and groan – it makes you think back to an awkward, naive teen version yourself, with all the ill-advised hairstyles that went with it. But it can actually be some of the factors that shape student life into the active, proud, and engaged members of adult society.

The school is the first social environment in which we encounter in life, and there is no sense of community and a collective effort stronger than the private organization. In contrast to education, foundations trigger a strong sense of history, tradition and community that prepares students for their role as citizens.

Why is it so important? Kids today are bombarded with all kinds of bad effects. Pop culture and public figures present examples of selfish individuality, of acting impulsively the disservice of those around you. Television and movies are jammed with self-indulgent characters, both real and fictional. No one wants people from “Jersey Shore” to influence their children.

A private school challenges kids to be apart of history. It asks students to take pride in themselves and become active, encourage young people to work towards the greater good. It is easy to see how this translates to adulthood. gets private school student tools and experience needed to make them passionate about community affairs. Research shows that these students are likely to become public servants and community leaders.

This unity is positive for so many reasons. Active, concerned public helps preserve our social model, and allows shared our dreams more attainable. So many schools forget that they are not just trying to turn out college students and test-passers – they are actually shape young citizens in form. A private school education do not lose sight of this core objective: Foundations challenge their students to form and grow commonality. Students learn what it means to be part of something bigger than themselves. Is not this what we want for our society, our nation as a whole? We all get stronger if we each put a little elbow grease in our own citizenship.

From the perspective of the individual, life just makes more sense when you are able to contribute to the common good. It is challenging and mentally healthy to be a good citizen, and perform all the functions that this entails. A private school gives young people their first taste of this. The beauty of this type of education is that schools hold students accountable to themselves and to their community – the same as adults are held accountable for our actions and their impact on others.

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